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Break those Chains

Break those Chains

How many years have you been struggling with the addiction to porn and masturbation?Relapses after relapses, failure after failure, frustration, shame, guilt, self-blame, self-hatred... How long have you been under the heavy burden of those feelings?If you have tried every method and every single technique available to you and still you are strongly attached to watching porn videos and masturbating to them, YOU NEED SOMETHING MORE!If you are looking for a real way out of it and NOT just running after little superficial gains that will not only fade away on the first relapse but will make you burn yourself with guilt, then this book is for you.Brother, this is a guide designed to take you on a very deep and revealing inner trip of self-discovery with the aim of helping understand why you are addicted to porn and masturbation first of all and THEN discover for yourself how to get out of it, for good!Get this book and join hundreds of brothers, just like you, on the path of total and undeniable freedom from this horrendous life of slavery to porn and masturbation!

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